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Fully Assembled, Plug and Play, Ready To Use Systems

WFI is the major ingredients of injection plant. We understand its importance, criticality and our responsibility.

We execute turnkey WFI systems that includes Multiple Evaporator Distillation  Stills, Pure Steam Generators,  Storage and Distribution System and Hot Distribution loop piping

WSI is the key ingredient for any injectable plant. Our range of Multiple Effect Distillation Stills (MEDS) and Pure Steam Generators (PSG) are designed for various standard capacities that is suited requirement of most pharmaceuticals.

Our understanding of the requirements of our customers in the Pharma and Bio-Pharmaceuticals have helped us design and engineer systems that are most productive and deliver the highest quality consistently. 

All the system meets US Pharmacopoeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) guidelines for water for injection.

Reliability remains the core feature or our systems with low cost of ownership

WFI Storage, Distribution, Disinfection and monitoring systems

Our WFI distribution, disinfection and monitoring system are designed to be plug and play. They are compact skid Mounted, Pre-assembled, tested and pre-wired in the factory. The system is designed to be in-situ stream sterilised

The storage tank assembly primarily consists of:

  • Jacketed, Insulated, Storage Tank (SS316L) , Electropolished.

  • Spray Ball, Jacketed Vent filter

  • Sanitary circulation pump (1+1)

  • Sensors and transmitters for Level, Temperature, Flow, Pressure

  • TOC analyser.

  • PLC controlled Control Panel with touch screen HMI and VFD

  • Zero dead leg valves and sampling ports


Our MEDS designed and engineered to produce water for injection (WFI) in accordance with all the recognised pharmacopoeia. The system is capable of simultaneous production of WFI and also pure steam when needed. The system comes with sanitary features like zero dead legs, sloped piping, safety features like double tube sheet heat exchanger and exceed latest cGMP requirements.


Some key features are

  • Double tube sheet heat exchangers

  • Zero dead leg design

  • Simultaneous pure steam and WFI generation

  • PLC control panel with touchscreen HMI

  • Modular design for scalability

  • Backed by warranty


The skid mounted PSG system is a compact skid mounted plug and play system. The system is pre-piped and pre-wired and designed to produce dry saturated steam. When condensed the steam meet is the USP and EP WFI standards with endotoxin level below 0.25 Eu/ml. The system is PLC controlled and is fully automated.

  • High energy efficiency.

  • Double tube sheet evaporator.

  • PLC control with touchscreen HMI

  • Key parameter alarms

  • Sterile, dry, pyrogen steam

  • Short heating time

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